Meet Shayna, the Shoji.

When it comes to showing up as your fullest self—your fully expressed self—in a time of pandemic political unrest... Or a time as any other... I am here to honor and support your every step and every breath.

Let us meet each other on the massage mat or yoga mat through the expressive healing arts of Shiatsu, Thai massage and yoga.  I look forward to sharing my practice with you and hope to see you soon in the studio!

Embrace your full expression.

"After the massage I felt better and was able to get right back into training and work anew.  I recommend Shayna's practice to those who do a lot of physical work to reduce pain and recovery time to get the most out of your practices."

— Anthony Guarneri

Connecting your Heart to your Center, begin to trust and move from that place.


In this bodywork session in my downtown home studio, I am making contact with the first acupressure point of the Bladder meridian, BL1.

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