Paintings by <a href="http://geenamassaro.com">Geena Massaro</a><br>
Paintings by Geena Massaro

About Shoji Arts


Shoji Arts was launched in downtown Ithaca on March 4, 2021 by Shayna Grajo.  You can check out the ribbon cutting hosted by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and Svante Myrick, including coverage by the Ithaca Voice, or read the founding Mission, Vision & Values.

The name "Shoji Arts"

The name Shoji Arts comes from Zen.  It is the shoji officer of Zen ritual who looks after the overall wellness of the practicing community in a Zen meditation hall.  This is the person who serves the tea, lights the candles, monitors the comfort and safety of the practitioners, and so much more.  The shoji is instrumental to the ceremony.


About Shayna

Shayna Grajo practices professionally as a yoga instructor and New York State licensed massage therapist based in Ithaca.  Her wellness journey draws on dance, yoga, meditation and massage therapy, as well as special interests in equity and mental health.  Shayna sources an eclectic blend of techniques and modalities in her healing arts sessions based in shiatsu and Thai massage, incorporating reiki, Swedish massage, somatics and yoga as indicated.  She thanks the teachers and mentors who've influenced her work, including Yumi Asakura, Charles Napolitano, and Helen Tseng for bodywork; Lea Perfetti and Tarik van Prehm for yoga; and Randy Phillips for creative self expression.  Shayna's loves and pastimes include travel, hiking, coffee, boba, maté, slowly learning Spanish (even more slowly learning Tagalog), new excitement for salsa dancing, and connecting with family and friends in Ithaca.


  • Shiatsu & Thai Massage
  • Outdoor Massage
  • Yoga

Shayna's human design: 2/4 projector
Shayna's astros: Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Cancer Rising

Paintings by <a href="http://geenamassaro.com">Geena Massaro</a><br>
Paintings by Geena Massaro

About Charlene

Charlene Konkankit began practicing her cultural heritage of Thai deep tissue massage and Chinese reflexology when she was just 4 years old. She learned much of practice from her father and aunt, as well as from massage therapists in Thailand. After meeting Shayna, the founder of Shoji Arts, in 2021, Charlene decided to share her culture and 24 years of experience as a Thai healing arts practitioner with the Ithaca community. She uses firm pressure and deep stretches to aid in stress reduction, pain relief, and increasing mobility. In addition to practicing these healing techniques, Charlene holds a Ph. D. from Cornell University in Bioinorganic Chemistry and currently works as a postdoctoral associate. She also volunteers at the SPCA of Tompkins County with dogs and as a foster.


  • Thai Healing Arts

Charlene's human design: 3/5 projector
Charlene's astros: Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising

Paintings by <a href="http://geenamassaro.com">Geena Massaro</a><br>
Paintings by Geena Massaro

About Shiatsu & Thai Massage

Check out the following video of Charlene working with Shayna and incorporating Thai massage techniques!

Shiatsu and Thai massage draw on oriental medicine, holistic health and bodywork techniques to address physical and energetic conditions.  These modalities are fully clothed and conducted on a mat on the floor.  To read more about each modality, see the Healing Arts page.

Meet Our Collaborators


About Catherine

Catherine of Sacred Lotus Healing is a massage therapist, intuitive energy worker, and tarot reader. They graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2017 and obtained their NYS massage license in 2018. During their time working at various spas, Catherine discovered a love of energy healing. Now they combine massage and energy work in their sessions.  Outside of bodywork you can find Catherine outdoors with their son, lounging around with a book, or attempting yoga asanas on their yoga mat!


  • Intuitive Energy Work
  • Massage
  • Tarot Readings

About Clara

Clara is a professional Cuban dancer and teacher of traditional and contemporary Cuban Popular Dances with 9 years of professional experience, who believes that dance unites, transforms lives, and allows us to be an authentic version of ourselves.


  • Cuban Dance
  • Salsa Lessons
Book Clara for private salsa & Cuban dance lessons ($75/hour) or a 4-pack of lessons for $240.  Book here.
The Shoji Arts Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in email announcements to stay connected with the healing arts practice.  At this time the Shoji Arts newsletter, like the business, is closed.  You can follow Shayna's next adventures and subscribe at shaynagrajo.com.