Private yoga lessons and couple's yoga are available in Shayna's downtown Ithaca studio or at any location of your choosing, including outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen
Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen

What would you like out of yoga?

In July 2021, while teaching Yoga for Musicians to high school and middle school students at Ithaca College's Summer Music Academy, I asked the students point-blank what they wanted to get out of their classes.  Here is what they responded, and how yoga may also help you!

  • chill out
  • stretch
  • incorporate yoga into a routine
  • relax
  • loosen up
  • be less tense
  • inner peace
  • have fun
  • breathe more
  • body awareness
Andrew and Shayna Ashtanga

Private yoga lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Customize your Shoji Arts package to include both yoga lessons and massage sessions!

Ashtanga Yoga

My training in yoga is most influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which I've studied since 2005.  My root teacher was Richard Freeman, and my current guides are Lea Perfetti and Tarik van Prehn.  Ashtanga literally means "eight limbs."

Please contact me if you have interest in Mysore style or led Ashtanga classes in Ithaca.  Right now I am brainstorming starting up a small Mysore program that would begin late fall in the Shoji Arts studio.

For all other interests in how I might tailor yoga teaching offerings to meet your needs, please let me know!

Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen
Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen

Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra 1.14:

It becomes firmly grounded by long and constant efforts with great love [for the end to be attained.] 
(Vivekananda's translation)

Practice becomes firmly grounded only after attended to for a long time, uninterrupted, and with an attitude of devotion. 
(Gregor Maehle's translation)

Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen
Photo courtesy of Mike Blegen

I am grateful that there is currently a lot of dialogue happening in the online international communities about truly liberated yoga practice with emphasis on equity and decolonization.

May all in yoga embrace the honest discussions and continuous work—uninterrupted, for a long time, and with a devotional attitude.

Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout
Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout

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