Thank you for your interest in the transformative yoga journey of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice!  I hope to see you soon in the studio.


Why Ashtanga?

The simple and brief answer is, because it's what I'm passionate about, what I practice, and what's really inside my skin.

While I have enjoyed teaching various yoga class formats for clients such as Cornell Fitness Centers, Cornell Minds Matter, and Ithaca College's Summer Music Academy... My heart is really with Ashtanga and always has been.


I won't say what Ashtanga yoga can do for you, but for me it is an opening.  And I love that with many Ashtanga shalas around the world, you can have friends near and far who are practicing, if you wish to join them.

Why not Ashtanga?

There are certainly many objections and important discourse to be had on teacher-student power imbalances, scandals that have scarred the lineage, sexism, ableism, exclusivity, rigidity, overexertion, and great arguments for yoga, equity and decolonization.  Yet despite having many of these objections myself, I've still been with the practice.  It is still the yoga form that I work with and the community that I work with and continuously learn from.  I am open to addressing these objections and any other objections with you and with the community as we share in the path of openness and see shifts in the Ashtanga yoga culture.


I've studied Ashtanga vinyasa yoga since 2005.  My root teacher was Richard Freeman, and my current guides are Lea Perfetti and Tarik van Prehn.


Ashtanga literally means "eight limbs."  For more of an orientation to Ashtanga and to Mysore classes, please contact Shayna or book your first class.

Let's get started

Update!  The following six classes have been canceled from now until 2022:

  1. Monday, November 29
  2. Wednesday, December 1
  3. Monday, December 6
  4. Wednesday, December 8
  5. Friday, December 10 -- Led Class 
  6. Monday, December 13

If you are interested in the program for 2022, please get in contact with me.

Reserve your class

The fee for the series is donations only or sliding scale $0-82. Checks can be made payable to Shoji Arts, or you may Venmo @shojiarts. I also accept cash or can take a credit card over the phone or in person.

No payment will be required to reserve a class, but I request your reserving the classes to ensure space and update me about attendance. If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as you are able to ensure space for anyone waiting.

Your confirmation email will give you location details.  All classes will be held at the Shoji Arts studio at 120 N. Aurora Street in downtown Ithaca.

All yoga classes in the series -- Mysore and Led Class -- will be held from 7am to 9am, with doors open at 6:50am.  Since Mysore classes are a self led format, you won't need to arrive right before 7am or stay until 9am.  Students are free to enter and exit on their own timeline within those hours!  For the led class, please arrive on time.

What to expect

Vaccination Required
Please bring your proof of vaccination on your first visit or email it ahead of time.  Masks will not be required during the class.

Class size
The limit of each class is 8 students, yet it can be decreased if that seems warranted.  If the program outgrows the current studio in 2022, we will seek another space.

I adjust!  And I believe in adjustments.  I believe in the power of supportive, therapeutic and compassionate touch as a great teaching tool and necessity for this form of yoga.  As a licensed massage therapist in New York State, my required completion of 1,000 hours in therapeutic massage included supervised clinics for hands-on work observing ethics and legality.  I am insured in massage and in yoga teaching through the American Massage Therapy Association... And I want to say that my insurance policy is also many years of receiving adjustments from authorized and qualified Ashtanga yoga teachers, as well as working many hours with the bodies of my clients in my private practice.  Nonetheless, I respect an individual's boundaries and requests.  Please inform me before any given class in person or in writing if you wish not to receive any hands-on adjustments.  And please communicate with me during an adjustment if you require any changes to my way of working.  Let's work together and breathe in this art form.

Take this opportunity to open yourself and arrive to a safe, nurturing space to work authentically and spiritually alongside a driven, sincere, and supportive community.

Thank you and see you soon!

Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra 1.14:

It becomes firmly grounded by long and constant efforts with great love [for the end to be attained.] 
(Vivekananda's translation)

Practice becomes firmly grounded only after attended to for a long time, uninterrupted, and with an attitude of devotion. 
(Gregor Maehle's translation)

Yoga Booking

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