Chiricahua National Monument

Apache country—the Chiricahua Mountains wilderness.

To the Chiricahua Apache, this place was Yahdeshut, “Point of Rocks.”  Today it is known as Massai Point, after one of the last Chiricahua Apache warriors, Big Foot Massai.  

Massai was pursued to this point, yet he escaped and was never seen or heard from again.  Some say his spirit still lives in these mountains among the rocks.

In a nearby mountain range was the stronghold of Cochise, a famous Chiricahua Apache chief who often retreated his people to hide from the U.S. Dragoons, soldiers who patrolled on foot and horseback in the 1850s in what are now named the Dragoon Mountains.

Cochise passed in 1874 and was buried in a deep grave within the hidden stronghold.  It is said that his followers ran their horses over his grave to erase any trace of it.  To this day his grave has not been found.
Water from the Chiricahua and Dragoon Mountains drains into the Sulphur Springs Valley.

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Shayna Grajo