Helen Ming Tseng

Photo by Ben Bookout

In loving memory—

A lovely human has transitioned on.  It is heartfelt news to share that Helen M. Tseng, a dear friend, passed away this weekend.

Helen was a sweet and caring friend to myself, Charlene, and many others who knew her.  A massage therapist, Thai yoga bodyworker and healer, she served as a mentor and my first teacher of Thai massage.

Helen and Urs

A beautiful queer Chinese American woman, friend, healer, and mother, Helen will be missed.  She is survived by her teenage son, Dakota.  The absence of her presence will surely be felt in many circles, including the healing arts community, her qi gong community, the Dragon Boat community, and the gay community.

Helen loved fashion, music and dance parties.  I’ve characterized her as a “quintessentially yin” person, as she loved to bring up contexts in shadow and out of the mainstream.  She was also a devotee of the sacred feminine mystique. 

Words really escape me to write about someone so close and special, whom I saw as recently as Wednesday at Salsa Night.  It is already weird to use the past tense for this beloved friend.

Helen at qi gong with Charles, Jack and Saunders.
Thai massage practice session with Charlene
Salsa Night with Shayna and Saunders

I know personally I will have to contend with our worldly loss of Helen from the relative world, and all the qualities and aspects she represents to me.  In the absolute world, there is no coming or going, according to my beliefs.  The transition marked by death reminds me that honoring death and life as inseparable, coming to embrace both and fear neither, is to honor the relative and absolute.

Helen was 55.  It has yet to be confirmed that she passed of an unexpected health condition.  If funeral details or other arrangements are announced, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Shayna, Urs and Helen

Love you and miss you.

Thank you.

“Take back time” to 2019, a late autumn dinner with Nick, Colwyn, Andrew and Ryan
From Helen’s home massage therapy office
Silent disco art opening
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