Mission, Vision & Values

Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout. Wild Heart bra by Sira Ryf.

For being so important, this Mission, Vision & Values statement needs its own blog!

I’ve realized that when I founded my practice, I wanted to drive my work from a platform of equity and the idea that “the personal is political.” The MVV below is fluid and ever adaptive.

Mission, Vision & Values of Shoji Arts

Mission: To support whole body health for ourselves, our communities, and our world

Vision: To hold sacred space for the transformative bodywork therapies of shiatsu, Thai massage, and yoga


  • I believe in antiracism, anticapitalism, feminism, social justice, cultural equity, collaborations with local entrepreneurs and artists, and supporting small and local business.  I commit to continual learning and furthering these endeavors in my business.
  • I honor the identities and intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ communities; as well as Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Multiracial, White and international communities; all religious communities; and all mental health communities. I respect all bodies of our unique physiques and abilities.
  • I cherish the sacred service of ancient and indigenous health practices, rituals, ceremonies and healers in worldwide cultures.  I grieve for ancestral loss of sacred healing arts through criminalization, marginalization, colonization, genocide and undermining.  I am sensitive to implications for cultural appropriation and financial accessibility in healing arts establishments.
  • I give thanks to all my teachers and dedicate the fruits of this practice to all beings.
Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout
Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout
Photo courtesy of Ben J. Bookout
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