The Rings of Saturn

The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald, as purchased from Odyssey Bookstore in Ithaca

After my book club decided our next selection would be German-English author W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn (1995), I decided to #supportlocal and purchase my edition at Odyssey Bookstore at 115 Green Street!

Walking to the the bookstore’s entrance, Isabel Allende’s The Soul of a Woman caught my eye during a window browse.  You will see these treasures pictured here.  I am grateful to expand my glimpses into vignettes of consciousness and support this lovely downtown Ithaca woman-owned business.  Thank you, Odyssey Bookstore!

The Rings of Saturn

According to fellow book club member Andrew Zhou, Sebald’s work is a mixture of autobiography, archaeology, history, memory, and fiction that swirls into an utterly unique type of writing.

“I’ve chosen this because I have been thinking of autobiography a lot lately. Sebald has been lauded by nearly everyone as one of the greatest writers of the late 20th century and hugely influential on a new generation of young writers like Teju Cole, Rachel Cusk, Jenny Erpenbeck, etc. The memory/trauma of the Holocaust also looms large in his work. This book, from what little I know, is ornate, strange, and diaristic, treading the fine line between fiction and memoir, but also history and strange biography.”

To quote Teju Cole, W.G. Sebald “is, among other things, a poet of the disregarded. He had a feeling for the inanimate, too, for ruins and comminuted landscapes, places that have been reduced to their smallest units by the forces of nature and history.” 

In his final interview [before his death] Sebald states, “Memory, even if you repress it, will come back at you and it will shape your life. Without memories there wouldn’t be any writing: the specific weight an image or phrase needs to get across to the reader can only come from things remembered—not from yesterday but from a long time ago.”

Here is more to introduce the work:

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The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende, as purchased at Odyssey Bookstore in Ithaca

Community / #womensupportingwomen

As it is part of my mission, vision and values to support women and women of color in business and arts, I want to recognize and congratulate other businesses who have just celebrated their one-year anniversary or have just opened or are opening soon…

Odyssey Bookstore, owned by Laura Larson, and Dr. Carla Pérez of Psicología con bebés, just celebrated their one-year anniversary.  Congratulations y Felicidades!  Dr. Pérez is based in Ithaca.  She offers online and in-person counseling services and support for families and mothers in pregnancy and early childhood.  Her origin as an indigenous woman and experience living in five countries helps her honor the beliefs and traditions of each person and family.

The inspiring duo Rachel Bogardus and Amy Stofenberg just launched The Mango House.  These two best friends with mutual passions for entrepreneurship, creativity, and intentional living offer digital marketing services, including Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as a podcast.

Carol Hill of Just Chill Custom Gifting, By Carol officially opens April 3rd.  Her showroom in Homer will be open select weekend hours and by appointment for specialty custom baskets and a variety of specialty custom items for that special someone.

Congratulations fellow businesses on choosing #courageovercomfort to launch in a pandemic!

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