Come to get to know your inner resiliency through the healing arts of shiatsu, Thai massage and yoga.

Outdoor Massage

Connect deeply to the beauty and peace within us and around us during an outdoor massage booking.  The booking form walks you through the process and determines your preferences for location, hiking conditions, sun exposure, privacy, and any special considerations.  Experience massage travel in the Finger Lakes and book your adventure.

Shiatsu and Thai Massage

Commit to yourself in this supportive work that encourages energy flow, circulation, detoxification, healing, stress reduction and personalized sessions crafted specifically to meet your needs.  Work with our talented practitioners.

Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a compelling art and practice that promotes health, vitality, longevity, intuition, inner peace, breath, body awareness, relaxation and having fun.  Private yoga sessions and couple's yoga are interchangeable with massage sessions in Shoji Arts packages, or they can be booked separately in the downtown Ithaca studio or outdoors at a mobile location of your choosing.

The Shoji Arts Newsletter

We share announcements and special events every now and then via email. Join here to stay connected with the healing arts practice.