shiatsu & u: Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain

Bladder 10 and Gall Bladder 20

Headaches? Migraines? Neck pain?  Shiatsu can help.

The meridians or energy channels crossing the face and neck in traditional Chinese medicine are the yang meridians.  Many great acupressure points to reduce headaches and neck pain are lined up along the occipital ridge.

Today I’d like to look specifically at the Bladder and Gall Bladder meridians.

You will note the location of Bladder 10, the blue dot ?, at the trapezius attachment.  Next to it is Gall Bladder 20 “wind pond”, the green dot ?, between the attachments of the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid.

?? The bladder meridian (water) is indicated for frontal headaches and headaches in the back of the head.

?? The gall bladder meridian (wood), activated now through the season of spring, is indicated for migraines, one-sided headaches, eye problems and eye fatigue.

Both BL10 and GB20 ???? will help with neck pain and whiplash.

Other meridians crossing near the posterior neck include the Small Intestine, Triple Heater, and Large Intestine.

See how focused neck and shoulder work can help you relieve pain at your next Shoji Arts session.

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Shayna Grajo