Skeleton Canyon

Monument marking the surrender of Gernimo, born Goyahkla

My path from Sierra Vista to El Paso brought me southeast of Bisbee, AZ on 80 East.  While still in Arizona, I passed the monument erected in 1934 to mark Geronimo’s surrender.

“The surrender of Geronimo in Skeleton Canyon on that historic day [September 6, 1886] forever ended Indian warfare in the United States,” says the monument.

It’s a modest monument right off the highway in the middle of vastness.  I said some prayers for the late Chiricahua Apache medicine man and his people.  Hopefully they were received.

Once in New Mexico, I took Highway 9 East, past Columbus, NM, a border town where the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa led an attack in 1916.  According to my cell phone, I was incurring roaming charges for entering Mexico.

A lot of history on the roads of the wild west through Arizona and New Mexico into Texas.  Yet I was struck with the sheer beauty, peace and vastness of the land of the West along the southern frontier.  I can see why many would fight to defend freedom on an unfettered expanse of this land.
For about 5 hours it was just me on the road, on one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever taken.  Me and the land for miles and miles, valleys and valleys.

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Shayna Grajo